Nothing can describe the pure joy it is to watch a group of teenagers and adults leave their comfort zones, board a plane, travel to another country and speak the gospel to another culture. The bond we build throughout the trip as well as the spiritual growth I see in each person once we return is so rewarding. - Steven Farmer Jr.


Below is a few of our recent mission trips in the last five years.   


Jamaica 2013

Face It! had the pleasure of partnering with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in order to reach out to a community that needed our help. Some of the projects included: building an apartment for orphans at Robin's Nest, visiting orphanages, and speaking at local schools in the area. Jamaica was a blast and Face It! cannot wait for another opportunity to go back again.

Costa Rica 2015

 Face It! had the pleasure of teaming up again with YWAM to help reach the people of San Jose, Costa Rica! Our work included visiting orphanages, feeding the homeless, evangelism, and painting a school. The trip was a complete success and a whole lot of fun.  

Dominican Republic 2016

In 2016, Face It! Ministries took a group of teenagers and adults to Villa Mella, Dominican Republic. The trip was an exciting and moving experience for everyone on the trip. Here is a slideshow highlighting just some of the many opportunities Face It! got to share God's word with and serve the great country of the Dominican Republic. Some of our projects and ministries included playing baseball with the kids, performing skits for multiple churches and communities, sharing our testimonies, and sharing the gospel.  

Panama 2017

The Panama Mission Trip was an absolute blast and the Holy Spirit was definitely with our team! This was our strongest group yet and God truly moved throughout each person in our group. Below are some highlights from the trip.

  The Arturo Miro Boys Home was one of the biggest highlights of the trip. Our group witnessed God move as He spoke through our team and many troubled teens gave their life to Christ.

  We had the opportunity to visit the Ngobe village, home to the second poorest indigenous group in the world known as the Ngobe's. The village was a sight to see and the faces of the children we met there will forever be etched in our hearts. Our group got to play soccer with the kids, travel door to door evangelizing within the village and some of our very own team members were baptized in the river there.