Still Waiting

Here is a spoken word titled "Still Waiting," written by one of our Face It! Interns on the topic of waiting on God.

Twenty one years old, I’ve got my whole life up ahead
So why is it sometimes I can barely get out of bed
Feels like life is passing me by
Keep looking back to the future like Marty McFly
Waiting on dreams that may never arrive
Waiting on promises God may choose not to provide
Stuck in a cycle of confusion and doubt
Trying to trust that God has it figured out
Why is it so easy to forget the promises He’s made?
Why is it so easy for me to be led astray?
Always chasing, never sitting still.
Never listening long enough to wait for God’s will.
Complaining that God’s not using me right where I am
But if I’d take a minute to look around maybe I’d see His plan. Overwhelmed by mistakes and the regrets of my past
Never fully believing God’s forgiveness will last
When will I learn that this place is not my home?
And satisfaction will never be found until I come to the throne. Until I look at the nail scarred hands, and the nail scarred feet. Until I look into the face of Christ who bore the cross for me.
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords laid down His life so that I could know The beauty of salvation and how to make His name high and mine low A God whose plan always works for my good
Even if sometimes the details work out differently than I think they should Who am I to question God’s plan?
But the world says “Don’t trust God, trust man”
Let’s take a look back to Adam and Eve
And let’s all take a moment to reflect and grieve
The moment sin came into the world and began its destruction Only for God to come and die on the cross for our reconstruction We are crucified with Christ and become someone new
Made in the image of God, and yes that means you
I see so many people walking in defeat Living with no hope but how can we compete
With the world we now live in and the sin that so easily ensnares? Take captive of your thoughts and learn how to be prepared
Put on the armor of God and take up your weapons to fight Make war against your sin and look ultimately to Christ
The founder and perfecter of our faith; no one against you shall stand We have God on our side and we hold His brand
When God looks at us now He no longer sees our sin and our shame If you believe in Jesus, you now bear His name
So let the truth sink in that before you were born God made and formed you Sent His Son to die so that you don’t have to
Victory is ours for the taking
If only we’d look up from our sin and embrace it
Let go of your excuses and accept accountability Learn to admit your faults and see your capability
You were made for so much more than just getting by You were made to change the world so don't be shy
God’s plan for your life is greater than anything you can dream
So don’t get caught up in your selfishness and the lies that you believe
We are the next generation so let’s make a difference in the world
Let’s be remembered by our love for God And have peoples’ faith in the church restored
Twenty one years old, I’ve got my whole life ahead And I can't wait to get up and get out of bed
I can’t wait for another day to live my life for Christ
I can’t wait to see my future begin and change someones life
I will no longer allow the enemy to have power
I am standing firm on the Word of God everyday every hour
Will you join me in changing the world and making a difference in this place? Join me in trusting God for the answers and finishing our race.
I’ll end with saying this “It is well with my soul”
And I don’t have to be afraid of what my future holds
Because I know who holds the future and I can trust in His plan
And even though the enemy will try to tell you, you can’t fight this war. All it takes is waking up every single day and saying, “I CAN!”

 ~Morgan Boles