It's All About Faith

In life sometimes we are put in situations where we must have FAITH. It is in these moments that God calls us to depend on Him. Life can come at you full force, never holding back. It can be like a train wreck waiting to happen, or a beautiful adventure at the brink of your hands. It all depends on how you embrace it.

Recently I was faced with a choice of whether or not I would transfer to UNO and pursue my dream of becoming a director / producer of movies or stay at SLU and continue to intern with Face It! Ministries. I battled with the thought for months, fasted and prayed when finally I felt like God called me to reach these teenagers. I have grown up in ministry all my life and the thought of chasing my dream over helping the lives of young people was completely crazy. I do believe that one day film will be incorporated in my ministry, but as of now Face It! is my main agenda.

I want to see Face It! grow and expand into more parishes over the coming years. And lives be filled with His love. This act I committed of just dropping my passion of film was an act of FAITH. I have no idea what is to come of my decision, but I can guarantee you God’s behind it. This right now is God’s plan for my life and now its time for me to sit back and enjoy the ride he has set before me. Face It! is in the works of some great opportunities, and God is calling us all to have FAITH in what He has planned for this ministry. Hebrews 11:1 says: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.” I along with you cannot see the future of this ministry but I have faith that these clubs are about to explode in the coming year and years. God is on the move and I am ready to see what He has in store.

~Steven Farmer Jr.